Mobile Marketing

The world is now Mobile. Catch up with it and get a Mobile Site NOW to fit your client's needs.

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Mobile Social

If your clients are social, why aren't you? Situate yourself for maximum exposure and word of mouth benefits.

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Mobile Local

Your clients are primarily local and searching for what they need on their phone. Get Found NOW.

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Mobile Analytics

We help you focus on where, when and how you should be placed on the net, constantly analyzing your efforts.

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Test Your Small Business Readiness
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Not sure if your business fits the bill? Don't think you are ready? Well Let's See if you are equip to run your business via mobile and obtain local repeat customers via mobile marketing NOW.
Fill out the Quick Survey and we will send you a hand picked Mobile Coupon to get Mobile Optimized for less than $250 if you fit the requirements.
You obviously care where your business is going and how you rate with your customers and potential leads. Let's Begin with this short survey so you can get back to business! Thanks from THA NOW Marketing Group.

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1. A Business Mobile Website is Just some snazzy way to make your company look good.

2. Are You Familiar with one-click calling?

3. How would your clients benefit from your business going mobile? (check all that apply)

4. Do You Think Mobile Marketing is Too Expensive?

Viral Video Marketing

People Can't Get Enough of Video. Marketing is visual. Your potential customers are constantly being fed images day in and day out. Your brand, design and approach must...

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Text/SMS Marketing

Text Marketing is the New Email Message. Marketing via text messaging has been around for years. It reflects how reliant consumers are on smart phones. 74% of smartphone users...

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Tha Now Biz Spotlight

Tha Now showcases Detroit Small Businesses that are really working for their clients and customers. We want you to know who they are and where to find them...

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